VC70 Vacuum Crawler system

Efficiency, safety and environmental protection are core issues within the construction industry. With these in mind the VC70 vacuum crawler had been designed and manufactured to enable the removal of a wide variety of soil materials in the most efficient and least damaging way.

The system is suitable for various applications including the exposing of buried
pipes ducts and cables as well as exposing tree roots and other buried items in a safe controlled and environmentally friendly manner.

The design features integrated onboard vacuum/turbine for air movement and a high performance screw compressor for operation of airlances and air tools. Airflow performance is maintained via inline back blast filter cleaning ensuring the highest levels of efficiency are maintained.

With its small compact design and crawler mount the VC70 can be used in difficult to access locations to excavate a wide variety of ground conditions including previously excavated ground either wet or dry. The system features remote control operation enabling simple movement and positioning on site.

The VC70 system has a transport weight of 2600 kg enabling movement on standard plant trailers of 3500kg gross weight.