Kobus Pipe Puller

Across the UK and Ireland thousands of ageing water and gas utility services lines are in need of replacement. Traditional opencut replacement methods can be expensive with the added issues of environmental and consumer impacts as well H&S and cost implications associated with damage to other third party buries plant during t
KOBUS Pipe Pulling Systems offer a proven, cost effective and safe method of replacing these failing utilities by removing the old service and simultaneously using its original line to install the new service into.
Available in two models, the PP300 and PP400 are suitable for the replacement of a range of service pipes including Lead, Copper, PE and Steel in sizes from ½” to 1¼“ and lengths up to 20 meters.
Both pulling systems utilise patented, KOBUS specialist pipe pulling cable with integral pulling ferrule and expander to remove the old pipe material. These pulling cables are available in 8mm, 10mm and 14mm diameter in various lengths to 20m.

The KOBUS KPP300 with its 10-tonne capacity is predominately utilised for the replacement of Lead, Copper and PE service pipes.

Its modular construction, small footprint and separate hydraulic power-pack lend themselves to use in difficult access locations and on homeowner’s property.

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The KOBUS KPP400 with its 20-tonne capacity will perform all of the tasks the KPP300 does but with its added power and heavier construction is aimed at the removal of steel services in the gas industry.
Mounting to suitable compact excavator the KPP400 is powered via the auxiliary hydraulics.

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