Dino Triple Fan

Dino Triple Fan suction excavators give end users access to higher levels of suction performance to enable them to work at greater distance and depth than the traditional twin fan Dino equipment.
Typically mounted to a Tridem type chassis with a rear steering axle the triple fan unit is usually supplied in Dino 12 configuration with a spoil capacity 0f 12m3 and operates in three power settings.  At level one this enables the unit to perform at the same levels as a Dino Twin Fan, ideal for utility service excavations and close up excavation works.  Level two and three are utilised as depth and distance increases, typically on construction works and operations requiring loosened materials to be moved.  These works include tunnel works, long culvert works etc.
A full range of accessories are available to compliment the works at distance and depth including hose vibrators to prevent material build up in the hose, and Mooner and Drone remote control wheeled and tracked units for non-man entry works in tunnels and culverts.

Technical Information

  • Container Volume: 8 or 12m3
  • Dimensions in mm: 9400 – 10300L x 2500W x 3800H
  • Air Compressor: 4.5m3/min, 8bar
  • Ventilator: Triple, 330 kW, 40-44,000m3
  • Filtration System: Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Suction Hose Carrier: Hydraulic Telescopic or Full Power Boom or Mega Boom
  • Suction Hose: 250mm
  • Remote Control: SPS Radio Remote Control
  • Chassis: 4 Axle, 32 Tonne (TRIDEM or Classic 8×4)