Dino Mega Vac

Dino MegaVac

Dino Mega Quad Fan the world’s strongest suction excavator – the solution for extreme conditions

If your suction works are at extreme depth or distance then the Dino Mega Quad Fan system may offer the solution to your needs.  Featuring two 900mm twin fan units driven by two OMSI intermediate gearboxes the equipment can be run in either twin or quad fan configuration making it flexible enough for standard as well as extreme suction works.


Technical Information

  • Container Volume: 8 or 9m3
  • Dimensions in mm: 11500L x 2500W x 3800H
  • Air Compressor: 4.5m3/min, 8bar
  • Ventilator: Quadruple, 440 kW, 40-44,000m3,
  • Filtration System: Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Suction Hose Carrier: Hydraulic Telescopic or Full Power Boom or Mega Boom
  • Suction Hose: 250mm
  • Remote Control: SPS Radio Remote Control
  • Chassis: 4 Axle, 32 Tonne (8×4) 60