Dino 6/8 Twin Fan

Mainstay of the range, a proven provider across the market

The mainstay of the Dino range, the Dino 6/8 Twin fan suction excavator has a side tipping 8m3 spoil tank and is suitable for mounting to various types of 26 tonne 6×4 chassis.
Typically fitted with a Standard Power Boom or Mega Power Boom the Dino 6/8 is a true workhorse as the most popular model with clients across Europe and the UK


Technical Information

  • Container Volume: 6 0r 8m3
  • Dimensions in mm: 9400L x 2500W x 3800H
  • Air Compressor: 4.5m3/min, 8bar
  • Ventilator: Twin, 220 kW, 36-40,000m3,
  • Filtration System: Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Suction Hose Carrier: Hydraulic Telescopic or Full Power Boom or Mega Boom
  • Suction Hose: 250mm
  • Remote Control: SPS Radio Remote Control
  • Chassis: 3 or 4 Axle, 26 or 32 Tonne (6×4 or 8×4)