Dino 12 Twin Fan

Dino 12

The Dino 12 suction excavators offer clients the greater capacity of an 8×4 32 tonne chassis with the same higher suction performance of the Dino 4.5, 6 & 8 units.
Available in classic 8×4 format or the more popular 8×4 Tridem chassis the Dino 12 offer clients the benefits of larger spoil tank capacity up to 12m3 which reduces the number of tip-offs required and increased production rates.
The market leading TRIDEM designs offer impressive capacity with excellent manoeuvrability in what is a large truck, especially useful to clients operating on congested sites.
Increased size also offers increased storage for tooling and other ancillaries, all available from MTS.

High performance, large capacity and excellent manoeuvrability all in one machine



Technical Information

  • Container Volume: 12m3
  • Dimensions in mm: 10300L x 2500W x 3800H
  • Air Compressor: 4.5m3/min, 8bar
  • Ventilator: Twin, 220 kW, 36-40,000m3,
  • Filtration System: Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Suction Hose Carrier: Hydraulic Telescopic or Full Power Boom or Mega Boom
  • Suction Hose: 250mm
  • Remote Control: SPS Radio Remote Control
  • Chassis: 4 Axle, 32 Tonne (TRIDEM or Classic 8×4)