City Dino Tracked

The MTS City Dino Tracked suction excavator is a derivative of its wheeled chassis mounted sibling the Dino City.  The equipment features the same main MTS components as the City Dino including the fans, compressor, rear tipping spoil tank etc. but utilises a separate engine for its power source rather than a wheeled vehicle chassis.

Mounted on construction or full off road tracks, the City Dino Tracked is capable of accessing locations that traditional chassis mounted Dino equipment cannot reach.  This greatly increases the potential usage of the equipment allowing the benefits of the suction excavation techniques in respect of increased safety and reduced damages and costs to be extended further within the construction and utility industries.

The equipment also features remote control of all functions of the suction excavator as well as a hydro drive of the tracked base unit.  This enables the fast and simple placement of the City Dino Tracked by operators prior to its operation as an excavation machine.

Technical Information – City Dino Tracked

  • Container Volume: 2m3
  • Dimensions in mm: 6500L x 2300-2500W x 3500H
  • Air Compressor: 4.5m3= /min, 8bar
  • Ventilator: Single or Twin, 110 – 130 kW, 18,000 – 25,000m3
  • Filtration System: Automatic self-cleaning system
  • Suction Hose Carrier: Hydraulic Telescopic or Full Power Boom
  • Suction Hose: 250mm
  • Remote Control: SPS Radio Remote Control
  • Drive System: Deutz Diesel engine, Euro 5
  • Crawler Carrier: Tracked system 20 Tonne