Safe-Dig Non-Conductive Suction Tubes

Safe-Dig, Non-Conductive Suction Tubes

Safe-Dig Non Conductive Suction Nozzle on MTS Dino 5 Suction Excavator

Safe-Dig Non-Conductive Suction Tubes have been designed and developed as an alternative to the traditional steel crown type suction nozzles typically used with Suction Excavation equipment.  The non-conductive tubes are manufactured in heavy wall HDPE for extended life and are favoured by many clients for excavation works in areas heavily congested with electrical and telecom cables.
The design utilises a short, reusable steel adaptor matching the connection on the suction excavators boom ensuring ease of fitment to existing suction equipment.
Worn out non-conductive tubes can be quickly changed as they is simply bolted to the metal adaptor.  The non-aggressive profile of the tube, together with its non-conductive properties reduce the potential for inadvertent damages or cable strikes and increase operator safety when using suction excavation equipment.

Safe-Dig Non Conductive Suction Tubes are part of the Mammoth Equipment Safe-Dig range which also includes Non-Conductive Excavator Buckets and Non-Conductive Air Lances