Safe-Dig Non-Conductive Air Lances

Safe-Dig Non-Conductive Air LancesElectrically tested to withstand 32Kva, Safe-Dig Non-Conductive Air Lances offer operators a safe,controlled and damage free method of loosening ground around pipes, and cables prior to its
removal by hand or suction excavation methods.
Ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort the lances are electrically tested to 32Kva and operate at pressures of 100/110psi (7/8 bar). Nozzle air speeds of up to 930mph (1500kph) can be achieved with an effective cutting distance in the ground of around 4” (100mm).

Air flow is controlled by a proportional trigger and the lance is supplied with a short and long straight
nozzle together with a 45o bent one for loosening soil beneath pipes and cables.