Pushing Collets and Lifters

Large Collets in use on under rail ramming works

To aid in pipe ramming applications Hammerhead ramming tools feature unique pushing collets and lifters to simplify the operation.  The pushing collets, covering a range of tool and casing sizes,  greatly decrease rammer set up and tear down times which in turn offers cost savings to contractors.

The collets feature a taper lock design that enables the rammer to quickly placed and locked into the steel casing to be rammed.  For security the collets offer a full 6″ (152mm) of engagement into the steel casing ensuring a fast and safe connection is achieved. This  secure locking of the tool eliminates the need for a rammer support cradle and also reduces the instances of casing end flare.

For larger ramming applications Hammerhead developed a range of special collet lifters which ease handling of the larger diameter collets.  This  not only enables safe and simple movement and positioning on site, but also greatly speeds up the whole ramming operation reducing overall costs for the contractor.