PortaBurst™ Static Rope Bursters

GenII Portaburst

PortaBurst Static Rope Bursters are small footprint units designed mainly for the sewer lateral replacement market.  Systems are available in two models, the PortaBurst Gen 2 and the PortaBurst Lightening, both featuring a modular construction to enable strip down to enable simple strip down and assembly on site. Bursting rates of over 1m per minute and more are easily achieved depending on the ground conditions encountered.
Power is provided from a dedicated petrol hydraulic power-pack or from excavator hydraulic PTO’s of suitable pressure and flow.
Suitable for use in 2″ – 6″ pipeline replacements in Clay-Ware, AC and Cast Iron, the systems benefit from a range of specialist burst head tooling including Hammerhead Quick Grip™ Burst Heads as well as the standard Hydroburst tooling range.