Hammerhead Moles

Hammerhead Moles

Are ideal for installing utilities beneath existing landscapes, roads and footways etc. The pneumatically powered tools create a compact hole into which new gas, water, cable services can be installed with minimal disruption when compared to traditional open cut installation methods.
Hammerhead moles, which feature a 2year warranty as standard, are available in 24 different sizes ranging from 50mm – 200mm (2” – 8”) outer diameter, are available in three head designs and offer the highest impact performance available. This ensures that client requirements in a variety of ground types are met.
All Hammerhead Moles are simple to service with replaceable internal wear rings to maintain performance and no requirement for specialist solvent cleaners, adhesives or heat sources making them fully field serviceable.

Model Types: –

Standard Replaceable Head Moles ideal for use in regular soft stone free soils. The design feature replaceable heads to reduce mole body wear and extend working life. Available across the full size range the standard replaceable head moles have both ¼ turn and multi turn reverse mechanisms depending on size.

Active Head™ Moles are designed to perform in adverse ground conditions. The reciprocating head design features a double strike system that utilises the initial impact force to increase production rates in difficult soils including cobble, hard clay and hardpan. Available from 50mm – 90mm (2” – 3.5”) all Active Head Moles feature ¼ turn reverse mechanisms as standard.

Catamount™ Moles offer not only a reciprocating head design, but one that is easy to start in a range of ground conditions regardless of air pressure. Catamount™ smart head technology utilises the air that drives the tool in the ground to reset the head. This eliminates the need for the mechanical springs that are a common source of failure in other manufacturer moles. Available in 64mm – 130mm (2.5”- 5.2”) sizes all Catamount™ moles feature ¼ turn reverse mechanisms.