Mini Piling Moles

Mini-Piling molesHammerhead Standard Head Moles are ideal for not only horizontal moling but also for vertical applications in their Mini Piling Moles configuration.
Available in piling format from 65mm – 180mm the Hammerhead range feature ¼ turn reverse mechanisms up to and including 130mm with a proven multi turn on the 145mm units.  All Hammerhead Mini Piling hammers are provided with two rear lifting cables to ease removal from driven piles.
As with all Hammerhead moles the Mini Pilers benefit from the heaviest pistons and highest impact performance available on the market today ensuring fast and efficient placement of all piles. Air pressure is a standard 8 bar across the range with no adverse effect on the equipment unlike some other manufactures equipment types.
The clamped rear anvil design is common across the Hammerhead range and provides for fast and simple access to the internals of the tool for maintenance.  One piece strikers feature replaceable wear rings that ensure full impact performance can be maintained throughout the life of the equipment.