HydroBurst™ Static Rod Bursters

Hydroburst Static Rod Burster model HB100

Hammerhead Hydroburst Static Rod Bursters are an effective method of replacing failing, outdated and undersized water, gas and sewer lines.  The range consists of five systems operating from 38 to 175 ton (35 – 160 tonne) bursting from 1.5″ to 24″ and above.
Hydroburst Static Rod Bursters all feature proven, API style screw together rod joints that won’t buckle in encrusted or collapsed pipes.  Rod spinners and hydraulic stabilizer legs are also available as options and the Hydroburst HB125 & HB175 benefit from rotational drilling capacity that enables them to drill through in-line collapses, the only equipment on the market capable of this.
A comprehensive range of specialist burst heads and pipe slitters is also available to enable works to be completed in a wide range of pipe materials including AC, PE and PVC, GRP, Cast and Ductile Iron and Steel.