Hammerhead Pipe Rammers

Pipe ramming is a well proven no-dig method of installing open ended steel casings beneath existing surfaces without causing the ground heave associated with other No-dig installation methods.

Hammerhead pipe rammers lead the market in rammer technology currently offering models ranging from 4″ to 34″ (102 – 860mm) outer diameter and capable of installing steel casings from 102 – 4500mm outer diameter.

Features: –
All Hammerhead rammers are pneumatically powered and feature full reverse functions as standard.  This is mechanical in tools up to 6″ (150mm) and as an air reverse in tools larger than 8″ (180mm). reliability and ease of maintenance, featuring the same simple clamped rear anvil designs of Hammerhead moles. All equipment features one piece striker design with replaceable wear rings that eliminate metal on metal wear and enable full impact performance to be maintained throughout its life.

Maintenance: – All Hammerhead pipe rammers feature Hammerheads patented rear anvil design that makes service and maintenance the simplest of any machine, even on-site.

Ancillary Equipment: – Hammerhead offer a range of ancillary equipment to enable end users to maximise production rates with their Hammerhead Pipe Ramming Equipment.  This range includes the Hammerhead patented Locking Collect system and the Pipe Mule pipe and rammer support system.  Use of these ancillaries greatly decrease down time and simplify the operation for casing placement and welding during longer ramming operations.