Hammerhead Pneumatic Bursters

Hammerhead 16″ Pneumatic Pipe Burster with bolt on external expander

Hammerhead Pneumatic Pipe Bursters provide an effective method of replacing failing and outdated, or undersized sewer pipe lines.  The systems are especially suited for works in difficult access locations where static pipe bursting is not possible.
The range consists of eight pneumatic pipe bursting tools ranging from 5″ (130mm) to 24″ (600mm) which are capable of installing pipes from 6″ 150mm to 30″ (762mm) and larger. The Pipe Bursters all feature patented air reverse systems and a rear anvil design that provides up to 200% more clamp load than other similar equipment.

Complementing the pneumatic pipe bursters are the Hammerhead HydroGuide constant tension winches used for maintaining the equipment on-line in the old pipeline during the bursting operation.  A full range of ancillary equipment including expanders, pulling accessories etc. are also available.